Handwoven Amigurumi Bags  - 'Rocco L' handbag

Handwoven Amigurumi Bags - 'Rocco L' handbag

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'Rocco L' handbag

These Eco-friendly bags are made with love and precision to help you carry anything from your laptop to your daily gear, both guilt and plastic free.

Color: Purple & Mint

Size: 30 X 18 (cm) 


"Malina" designs and creates unique handmade toys, bags and accessories that can splash a rainbow of colour on any gloomy day. Employing 'Amigurumi', the ancient Japanese art of knitting or crocheting, applied to modern day items. Our products comfort your soul as each item is handwoven with a splash of love, passion and style. Our products are full of life and we can see that when people hold our handicrafts close to their heart.

These are unique and only one of these if available, so order yours today and make someone very happy.